4Hands Mission 

Equipping interested learners with essential and sufficient knowledge to work competently and independently in a Dental Clinic. 

Increasing the number of competent and professional Dental Assistant to serve in the workforce. 

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Fundamentals of Dental Assisting Course

Fundamentals of Dental Assisting (FDA Part I)
Learning Outcomes

1) Familiar with assisting the dentist in the simple procedures

2) Able to perform good infection control


3) Perform sterilisation to recycle instruments for use again

Course Duration

5 Days


1) Infection Control

2) Sterilising


3) Dental chairside manner


4) Assisting in Scaling and Polishing


5) Assisting in Fillings


6) Assisting in Extraction 


7) Assisting in Denture procedures

Course Structure

1) Classroom Training 

- Theory 

- Practical 

2) Assessment 


- Basic English 

- Willing to learn attitude


* to complete Fundamentals of Dental Assisting Course, you will need to complete both Part I and Part II.